B2B Translation Services

In trade and industry, which involve foreign partners and clients, different documents may require translation for getting goods/services delivered or problems solved. Here I can help you with translation of instructions, e-mails, certificates, custom clearance documents, declarations, etc.
If you need to make a business call, I can also help you with translation during the telephone conference in order to avoid any misunderstanding between the parties.
Do you you have a website, and wish to translate its content into Russian or English to expand your business? Or do you need to translate your adverts or promotional videos? This is also something I can help you with.
If you sell goods online and experience any problems with providers or clients, payments or delivery abroad, you can also contact me for assistance. If you are a buyer, and you are dealing with suppliers from Russia, UK and France, I can assist you if you experience any problems. Telephone calls can also be made on your behalf to expedite the process.

Private Clients

Translation services for individuals

If you need to translate any of your private documents (marriage/birth certificates; driving license; CV; bank statements; utility bills or correspondence), please contact me for further information. I provide a non-certified translation for general documents.
People buy properties abroad, and sometimes they need to finalise the property documents or to set up their payments for utility bills and bank accounts, which can be stressful in foreign countries. Sometimes the issues can be resolved by contacting the authorities or other entities in local language.
I will treat your request promptly in strict confidentiality, no calls will be placed prior to your agreement. No third party will be involved; my main priority is to establish a personal and confidential rapport with the client during the translation process.

Private Tuition

If you wish to grasp some basic expressions or brush up your knowledge of Russian, French or English, then private tuition can also be arranged upon request.

About Me

Olga Debnam
Lingual Specialist

Being a Russian native speaker with a linguistic degree in French and English philology, I have been passionate about the languages since I was a child. After having completed my linguistic studies at University, I spent one year in Paris, France, where I continued my studies of Business French Language and worked as a translator. Since then I have been living in different countries including Great Britain, Russia and Indonesia; and I have worked in different international companies, where I acquired linguistic experience and knowledge of different cultures. I had to deal with various Isle of Mansituations, which helped me to understand the importance of communication in multilingual environment, and to develop a flexible approach to each situation.
I am currently residing and working in the Isle of Man, the international financial centre situated in the heart of the Irish sea.

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Пожалуйста, укажите в сообщении тематику и объем текста для перевода.

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